Interior & Exterior Car Wash Plus Detailing

Interior & Exterior Car Wash Plus Detailing

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High level, professional deep cleaning for your vehicle that includes extra detailing on your car's interior and wheels for a showroom finish.


  • Pressure Wash
  • Soft Brush with Vehicle Detergent
  • Pressure Wash (Rinse)
  • Soft, Hand Dry
  • Interior Vacuum Cleaning
  • Trunk Cleaning
  • Soft Cloth Door Jam Wipe


  • Detailed Dash, Centre Console and Doors
  • Glass Clean and Rain-X Treatment
  • Floor Matt Pressure Wash and Detail
  • Wheel Shampoo and Tire Conditioning


We will collect and deliver your vehicle within Whistler, just add the service to your cart in addition to the wash/detail service and you will be asked for a delivery address.

Based on a vehicle that is under 2m (approx 7ft) high and less than 6m (approx 20ft) long. For vehicles that exceed these dimensions, please contact us for special pricing.