Car Seat & Carpet Shampoo

Car Seat & Carpet Shampoo

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Your car seats and carpet deserve a shampoo - how long has it been since they were last deep cleaned?

If your vehicle has fabric seats, this service is ideal for cleaning them and will often remove light stains.

Our three step seat and carpet shampoo process leaves your vehicle's interior looking, smelling and feeling good:

  1. Deep agitation, using specialist car interior cleaning tools and a water based fabric shampoo selected according to your fabric type. Extra time and products are used on problem areas such as stains or heavy traffic zones.
  2. Double steam vacuuming, collects debris and shampoo suds on the first pass and doubles the cleaning power on the second pass, ensuring a crisp, clean finish.
  3. Mountain air drying, let your car interior breathe-in the Whistler air while we work on the rest of your vehicle. Where needed, we use heaters and fans to get your car as dry as possible before returning to you.

If you're looking for attention only for the interior of your car, this is the service for you.

Note that this is the basic level of interior car cleaning, if you are looking for really deep vacuuming, brushing and cleaning of vents and glass cleaning then the interior detailing option will be better for you.


  • Pick-Up & Drop-Off
  • Basic Vacuum of Seats and Mats
  • Trunk Cleaned
  • Car Seat & Carpet Shampoo

      Optionally, use the dropdown to add a basic exterior hand car wash or upgrade to one of our car detailing options.

      We will pick up and drop off your vehicle within Whistler. After you have booked, one of our team will contact you to make arrangements.

      Based on a vehicle that is under 2m (approx 7ft) high and less than 6m (approx 20ft) long. For vehicles that exceed these dimensions, please contact us for special pricing.