COVID-19 Safety Policy

Whistler Car Wash operates according to strict health and safety standards. In line with advice from the Provincial Government of BC, we do the following in order to prevent the transmission of the disease:

  1. Team members are paid hourly and provided health benefits and sick pay per our employment policies. Those experiencing symptoms of illness are required to stay at home and are paid in line with our sick pay policy so that they do not feel obliged to come to work if they feel ill.
  2. Regular hand washing is encouraged before, during and after work hours. Hand sanitiser, gloves, masks and other PPE is provided according to work tasks.
  3. Drivers sent to collect vehicles are issued gloves, hand sanitiser and a mask for use.
  4. Our cleaning process uses an industrial grade virucide that effectively destroys most viruses.
  5. Drivers sent to return vehicles are issued gloves, hand sanitiser and a mask for use. Vehicle controls (e.g. steering wheel, door handles) are given a final disinfectant wipe before the vehicle is returned.

Your health and safety is important to us. You can be assured that in addition to being washed and detailed to a high standard, your vehicle will be safe and comfortable to drive when we return it to you.